Motion Graphics Videos vs. Regular Videos

Apr 18, 2019




Motion Graphics is one kind of video which combines audio, text, graphics objects to represent a brand/idea.

Motion graphics videos can represent complex information in an easy manner with the help of graphs, diagrams, stats, etc.

On the other hand, regular videos are live production which can represent the real life situation with the presence of human, products, places, etc.

There is a significant difference between motion graphics video and regular videos/live production.

Let’s have a look at the major differences between Motion Graphics Videos vs. Regular Videos

  1.  Motion graphic is produced using modern computer software like AutoCAD, Adobe After Effect, etc. All you need a computer with this software. You can easily produce motion graphics video; no pre-production for example shooting set, lighting are not needed.

On the contrary, regular videos/live production requires three steps-pre-production planning, shoot and then post-production. Regular videos need crew members, shooting set, participant, etc.

  1. Motion graphics videos are normally shorter in duration. It’s wise to go for motion graphic videos if you are planning to represent a brand, idea and complex info.   

Whereas, the regular video is longer compared to motion graphic videos. You can go for regular videos if you want to represent real-life scenarios like an interview or live demonstrations of a product etc.

  1. In motion graphic videos a script/voiceover is necessary but in regular videos, a script may or maybe not be required.
  2. The motion graphic video cost less compared to regular videos/live productions.  The cost difference is significant. So if you are tight on a budget it’s wise to choose motion graphics videos.
  3. Motion graphics videos take fewer resources and time since everything can be done is a single computer but regular videos require more resources and time compared to the motion graphics videos.

These are the major difference between motion graphic videos and regular videos. You have to choose the type according to your business needs.

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