How Can Hotels Use Social Media Marketing to Get More Guests

Dec 10, 2017




Social media is the main medium of digital marketing. According to the latest studies, 81% of traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter from a digital marketing campaign. So, social media plays a vital in an important role in terms of marketing.

Hotel business can attract more guests using proper social media marketing. In this article, we have a close look at how can hotel use social media marketing to get more guests.

  1. Manage Account on all social media platforms

A hotel business should have accounts in all major social media platforms. Having social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and much more get

  1. Regularly share content (Image/video/posts)

Hotel business needs to maintain great consistency if it won’t build a strong social media presence.

  1. Encourage conversation from social media users

Don’t be afraid of your prospective guests. Encourage them to initiate the conversation so get the attraction to message you via social media accounts.

  1. Never compromise with the quality

Always maintain high quality while you posting a video or image of your hotels interior. It will draw a positive image in the viewer’s mind.

  1. Run paid advertising campaign

Social media allows running paid advertising campaigns. Hotel business can run a social media advertising campaign to reach targeted customers from a specific area or specific interests.

  1. Research and find a proper hashtag

Hashtag can rank your best hotel in Abu Dhabi out of the crowd. So research proper hashtag for your hotel which can rank you hotel in social media.

  1. Monitor and respond quickly

Hotel business needs to monitor social media accounts on a regular basis and need to respond as quickly as possible.

Consistency is the key to social media marketing success for the hotel business. Hotel business also can use the above techniques to attract more guest from social media.

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