Guide to Dressing for Corporate Photography

Do you have a corporate photoshoot coming up? Follow our tips listed below to create fabulous corporate shots. You don’t want to look the clown among a group of professionally dressed colleagues. Your corporate photoshoot is going to set an impression among your bosses and future recruiters. Plus, you could use it later for your resume and online business profile.


Guide to Dressing for Corporate Photography

When dressing for a corporate photography shoot, keep the points listed below in mind:


Dress Smart

Consider everything when dressing for corporate photography, from your hair to your shoes. Invest in a good pair of black shoes just for your corporate photography in Dubai and other such official functions.

For your outfit, go for a formal look. Graphic Tees are a big NO, unless it’s a creative photoshoot. Have your outfit dry cleaned just the day before the shoot. You don’t want creases giving you a frumpy look during the shoot, when all the others are dressed on point.

Also, carefully inspect your outfit. Look at yourself from different angles. Go for a modest but comfortable look. You might have to try out various poses and perspectives during the shoot, to get several different images which you can then choose from.



Go with neutral colors

The best color choice for your corporate shoot is black. It doesn’t just make you look professional; it also makes you look slimmer. You can also try dark blues and greys. But avoid bright colors. Busy patterns and thin stripes also don’t look good in corporate shoots. The idea is to blend in with the rest of the team.

Some designers also suggest adding a brand color to the attire. You can do that with your tie, your shirt or a small scarf.


Makeup and Hair

Book an appointment with your hairstylist. Get a hair trim or a blow-dry. Opt for a clean look. Avoid messy buns at all costs.

When it comes to makeup, wear something that’s you. Go for your natural look. If you usually go bare, you might want to up your makeup game a little to look smarter. But if you typically use a heavy hand with your makeup, go down one notch. Keep it clean. Avoid shimmery or sparkly shades.

Women can also add a piece of simple jewelry. A simple stud or a small earring will complete the entire look. Men should try to avoid wearing any jewelry. It usually doesn’t give a professional feel to the images.


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