Event Photo Walls Are Awesome. Here’s Why!

An event photo wall is an awesome addition to your event as it is a wonderful avenue to keep your event attendees happy. It is also a positive influence on your event across social media. This is essentially spawned out of the curious mind of humans at wanting to know what is going on and where it is happening. Having a photo wall at your event is capable of encompassing all these in one wall.

For a spectacular red-carpet photo experience with a bold statement backdrop, event photo walls are essential for your major sponsored event. This is an essential tool for marketing as well as media publicity. A well-designed event photo wall allows you the avenue to brand your event and further project the theme of your event.

It is also a great opportunity to encourage photo shots by participants and promote the sponsors of the event with ease. All these into one can be achieved with event photo walls without even distracting your events and guest.

To get the very best out of your awesome event photo walls, here are some tips on things to focus on:


  • Stick To Simple Photo Walls

At your event, media walls are the first impression for your guest and sponsors. It should be designed to create a lasting impression on them. But it is also important to note that there is no need for them to be the main focus of your event.

The specific reason for an event photo wall is to brand your event and create the needed exposure for your event sponsors. Hence, you must try as much as possible to avoid overcomplicating your event photo walls and keep it as basic as possible.


  • Backdrops On Brands And Sponsors

While designing and printing your event photo wall, you must confirm all the details for the current logo and designs of your sponsors and their brand for any recent changes. This could be verified with a phone call or an email.

As far as event photo walls are concerned, one of the main focus is on your sponsors and their brand. You must get the details about their brand right.


  • Event Photo Wall Location

The position where you install your event photo wall is very important. it should be at the entrance or at a spot where there will be a lot of foot traffic. This is aimed at your guest get to see the information you are trying to portray immediately they are in at the venue.

Event photo wall goes well with red carpets and bollards. This is because it is where your guests will go first whenever they are at an event. Your event photo wall can also be the centerpiece to draw your guest attention to the entrance of your event.


  • Extra Mile For A Lasting Impression

If you hope to achieve a lasting impression about your event, one of the well-known methods to achieve this is through your event photo walls. You can achieve this by enhancing your theming through eye-catching style on your designed event photo walls.


To Wrap It Up

The main idea behind event photo walls is not restricted to just branding and showcasing your sponsors. It could be used for a variety of other uses.

With this, there you could also add some fun props to your event photo walls. It can help your event photo walls look more unique and specific to your event.

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