Average Price to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency For Home Healthcare Clinics

Apr 18, 2019




Home healthcare clinics can get a lot of business using digital marketing. A home healthcare agency can either have an in-house digital marketing team or they can outsource from a digital marketing agency.

An external digital marketing agency can be a good fit for home healthcare clinics. But the question is how much it cost to hire a digital marketing agency for home healthcare clinics?

The average price to hire a digital marketing agency for Home Healthcare Clinics can vary a lot- depending on several key factors.

A digital marketing agency usually charges clients in two ways. The first option is a monthly retainer contract and another option is the whole project based.

In terms of monthly retainer contract, the contract can be 12 to 18 months long or even more. Depending on the home healthcare clinics geography, home healthcare clinics marketing goal the charge can be $1000-$3000 for small and medium-sized clinics. For large home healthcare clinics, the charge will be higher.

On the contrary average price on the project-based contract between a digital marketing agency and a home healthcare clinic can be different clinics to clinics. The amount needs to be fixed before signing any agreement.

On a project based contract, the home healthcare clinics need to disuse all details of what they’re expecting from the digital marketing agency.

Based on the requirements of home healthcare clinics the digital marketing agency will identify how much they should charge. And the final project price will be fixed between mutual discussions between both parties.

The study shows, small and medium size digital marketing agency charge less compared to a large digital marketing agency.

So for small and medium-size home healthcare clinics, it will wise decision to go for the small or medium sized agency.

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