Average Price to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency For Acupuncture Clinics

Apr 18, 2019




Acupuncture is getting popular day by day as complementary medicine. Digital marketing for acupuncture clinics can make this more popular and attract customers.

The average price to hire a digital marketing agency for acupuncture clinics is not a fixed amount for each and every company. The average price varies a lot on various factors.

Geography plays an important role while determining the price of hiring a digital marketing agency for acupuncture clinics. So, the average price of hiring a digital marketing agency in New York will not be the same as hiring a digital marketing agency in Tokyo, Japan.

Also, the average price depends on the services you are willing to take from the digital marketing agency. Usually, digital marketing agencies offer Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design, Infographic, Motion Graphics and much more. So the average price will depend on the services you are taking from the agency.

The next factor is the size of a digital marketing agency. The bigger the agency is the higher the charge. Comparatively small and medium-sized business charge less.

A digital marketing agency can either work on a project based deal or on a monthly recurring contract.

For a project based contract, the price will not be the same for all companies. The best acupuncture clinics in dubai and the digital marketing agency both need to discuss in details and then both party will agree on an amount based on the discussion.

On the contrary, for monthly recurring contract, a digital marketing agency will charge on a monthly basis. The monthly charge can be $1000-$3000 depending on the above factors.

Project-based and monthly recurring in both cases both parties should know the expedited marketing goal, time frame and other necessary issues that may arise.

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