Average Price to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Apr 18, 2019




Digital Marketing Agency is now a part and parcel for marketing success. All sort of business ranging from small to corporate need to market their product in digital platforms to attract prospective customers.

For small and medium-size business digital marketing can play a vital role to survive in the market and grow faster.

Whether your business can have an in-house digital marketing team or you can hire a digital marketing agency.

So you may have questions in your mind that, what is the average price to hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

The average price to hire a Digital Marketing Agency depends on various factors. The average price is various from location to location. So, the price highly varies depends on geography.

The average price to hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai also depends on the business size. The average price for small business will vary from the average price for a medium-sized business.

A digital marketing agency provides services in several categories such as paid search engine marketing, search engine optimizations, social media marketing, web page design and much more. So, the average price will also depend on what’s service you are taking from a digital marketing agency.

Also, the larger the digital marketing agency the price tends to be high. Usually, small/medium digital marketing agency charge less compare to a large digital marketing agency.

Considering the above fact, the average price to hire a digital marketing agency Dubai can be ranging from $1000-$3000 on a recurring monthly contract.

The contract can also be project based. On a project based contract, both parties need to discuss in details before sign an agreement. The price should be determined based on the project duration, project goal, etc.

You need to decide whether you will go for a monthly recurring deal or for a project based contract.

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