7 Creative Wedding Photography Picture Ideas

Do you feel that traditional wedding photography shoots don’t capture the essence of your couple? Many new couples are now opting for creative wedding photography photoshoots to add in a fun element to their wedding album.



7 Creative Wedding Photography Picture Ideas

If you are looking to go for an artistic photoshoot at your wedding, try out these seven creative wedding photography picture ideas:



Go Thematic

There’s always a sweet story behind every wedding. What’s yours? Did you meet at a Star War’s meet-up or a book club? Use those references to create a theme in your wedding shoot.



Bring in the Props

Those silly props that you used in the bridal shower can be put to use in your wedding photoshoot. Think chalkboards, frames, just married light boards or something that tells your story. Those props can add a delightful depth to the picture.



Make it fun for the bridesmaids and best men

Don’t just line up your bridesmaids and best men for their picture. Create movement in your images by adding a twist. Have them jump high in the air. Get them to use silly expressions. Experiment with angles and levels. Or you could have them fool around in the background while the bride and the groom get lovey-dovey.


Bring an animal

Animals add a beautiful contrast to the elegance of the wedding. Many couples wish to bring in their fur family to the creative wedding photography shoot.

And some go even beyond and bring an exotic animal like a horse or even an elephant. Have the bride pose with the animal. That will lend a dramatic air to your photoshoot. But always talk to your partner about bringing in an animal. Make sure they are comfortable posing with one.



Go outdoors

Outdoor wedding photoshoots are quite the thing. If you are planning an outdoor shot, you can go creative there too. Choose a place which has symbolic value.

You can also try hitting the road literally, or maybe hiking in the woods in your wedding attire. Wouldn’t that look exotic?

Even if you go to your local park, there’s so many creative wedding photography poses you can try. Climb tree’s, lie down on the grass, and have a good time playing with the light and poses.


Candid Photography

Many people are afraid to try out candid shots. But most often these capture the real essence of your wedding. The tears, the smiles, and the laughter- everything stowed to be cherished later on.

If you plan of getting candid photographs at your wedding, talk to your photographer beforehand. Check his portfolio for candid shots he might have done previously.


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