3D Printing vs. Injection Molding – What’s best?

Apr 18, 2019




3D printing is a cutting edge technology which becoming popular day by day in the industry. Whereas, the injection molding is a traditional printing solution widely used for mass production.

3D printing and Injection Molding are not the same and both have differences in terms of printing process. Most 3D printing solution follows the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process. In FDM machine plastics are melted and added as layer by layer one drop at a time in succession.

On the contrary, Injection Molding plastics or raw materials are melted and injected into a pre-designed cavity. When melted materials are injected a metal mold and once cooled, new solid material is being produced.

The difference between 3D Printing and Injection molding is, both works with melted materials but 3D printing work as layer by layer but Injecting Molding not work as layer by layer.

Considering the following issues let’s decide one is best- 3D printing or Injection Molding?

  1. Printing Time

In 3D printing, it requires minimum physical labor. When your design is ready you have to just hit the “Print” command from your computer. Depending on the complexity of the product you will get the final product as soon as possible.

Injection molding takes much more physical labor to compare to 3D printing. The most complex part of injection molding is to design the mold according to the design. It takes huge time to design a mold.

  1. Printing Cost

For small quantity, 3D printing is the best. Printing 1-100 prototypes 3D printing is the best solution.

When you’re planning to print more than 100 prototypes, Injection molding will be a good solution for you.

  1. Printing Quality

In terms of quality Injection molding produced solid products compared to the 3D printing.

  1. Which one is Advanced Technology?

Well, 3D printing is a new concept in the industry and it’s the latest technology. 3D printing technology is improving day by day and its popularity is also increasing.

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