100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Design Concepts For As Low As AED 124.99

100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Design Concepts For As Low As AED 124.99

What a friendly and amazing service! Hiring Logo Gulf for the design and branding job is the most productive decision we made and we are happy about it.

The main feature of this service that wins our heart and mind is not only its flexible packages but also its dedication to work that their work clearly reflects.

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Privacy Policy

Logo Gulf understands the level of annoyance an organization undergoes when information about their new products is leaked out before their official announcement. However, you don’t need to worry. When it comes to clients’ confidentiality we know that mum is the word and so we keep everything ‘100% hush’.

Maintaining Your Personal Information

In order to maintain your personal information, we take following appropriate precautions:

  • Technical precautions
  • Physical precautions
  • Administrative precautions

This helps us to ensure that we use your information appropriately, avoiding any form of unauthorized disclosure or access and maintaining data accuracy. We release information if only necessary and if we are subjected by law.

Using Your Information Only When Needed

We cannot work with a client if we do not have sufficient information about him. Just like you are finding ways to trust us, we need to ensure that our client is serious and not some teenager trying to play a prank on our services. For this reason, we collect your personal information but use it only when needed for purposes like:

  • Protection of rights of our employees on using our services
  • Protection of overall properties and enforcement of rights
  • Compliance with legal matters such as laws, orders and regulations
  • Responding to police and government when needed
  • Preventing fraud, scam, security threats and malicious software

Information Is Never Released To Third Party, Except...

In any business, the only people responsible are the client and the service team involved. Since there is no role of a third party, information is never released to any outsider. However, that may be subjected to exclusion if:

  • You request involvement of a third party yourself.
  • You consider transactions and secure online payment system as third-party vendors.
  • You consider release of information to postage service as a breach of third-party limit.

For such cases, Logo Gulf can assure you that we will take help of an online secure payment system like PayPal only for your safety, and use postal services only for your conveniences.

Highest Security Networks Are Employed

Since we are a company that work mostly online, we need to ensure that we employ the highest levels of website security and network systems in order to protect ourselves and you from any malicious attacks. For this reason we:

  • Employ use of 128bit SSL (secure socket layers) encryption for protection
  • Validate your IP address to ensure no breach of information has occurred on public network domains

All these steps help us protect you and help us determine how to improve our services so that we could provide premium assistance as soon as you require.

Alterations to Privacy Policy

Although we are capable of altering the privacy policy anytime, we will not do so without informing you first. If there are any amendments to be made, we will make sure that you receive a notification.