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How Small Businesses Can Increase Sales By Avoiding These Web Design Mistakes

Small business websites often don’t follow the best practices of web design. This greatly affects their sales. Here is how small businesses can increase their sales by avoiding some common mistakes.

small business web design

Your small business website is like a retail store where most of the visitors come with the intention of purchasing something. Many small business owners ignore the fact that the design of a website is a major contributor to sales or conversion. And so it can also become the biggest barrier between a prospective customer and sales?

It may seem hard to pack so much into just a simple web design—I mean it’s just need to have a menu, some content and a form, right? Not entirely. Every website has those essential elements, but not all of them are successful in acquiring new customers, nurturing client relationships, or getting enough leads.

So, if you are looking to increase sales or leads through your website, then you must avoid or fix these common web design mistakes that many small business owners are making.

Cluttered Design

cluttered website

A busy design is one that has no clear focus. Since there is so much going on and it has so many design elements, the user gets confused. It is particularly not good mobile users. It may be tempting to add animations, more colors, a lot of text about company and its products or services, and images, but a design needs to have some meaning. If it does not helps the user, then it’s useless. This is not to say that aesthetics don’t matter. However, they should never be favored over usability, particularly when it is a small business website.

Call To Action Mistakes

call to action

A CTA, like the name suggests, should immediately “call” a user’s attention and incite an action. There should always be a clear step-by-step process for everything on your website and users shouldn’t have any trouble finding where to go next to complete an action (buy, contact, subscribe, etc). Make your CTA stand out, by giving it a different color from the overall color scheme. Red or green is a usual choice.

Many small businesses also make the mistake of adding more than several CTAs on a single page, which distract users from their intended action. Remember, your web design has to have a clear focus so your users do not get confused.

Poor SEO

One of the worst things that can happen to a small business is having a killer website that does not rank on search engines. But if it’s a “killer design” why on earth search engines won’t rank it? The answer is, poor SEO!

Believe it or not, but SEO is still alive because it has to be! Without those keywords, titles, optimization, links, and other digital marketing strategies, there are less chances that you website will rank high on search engines. However, SEO is not magic either. Sometimes it fails and you have to find the cause and fix it. It is a continuous effort and it takes time (more than 6 months, contrary to popular belief) coming to fruition.

Static Web Design

responsive website

Most of the designers use a desktop for web designing, which is understandable. However, a user who is in a hurry isn’t going to understand why the page fails to load properly on his mobile! Not only does it bother users, but also search engines.

Last year, Google released a “mobile-friendly” update that gives high priority to quality websites with mobile-friendly responsive design. Therefore, optimize your website for mobile devices as well.

No IT Support

Website’s maintenance may be costly for small business owners, but what could be even more costly is a security breach, theft, or a critical error! It’s important to have tech specialists continuously monitoring your website so it is perfectly safe from potential cyber threats and errors.

Did you know that a single cyber attack could cost a small business around $9,000? Yup, that’s probably a lot more than what you’d be spending yearly on regular maintenance.

No Links To Social Profiles

Small business owners often don’t realize the difference links to social media profiles can make to sales, ranking, and brand credibility. Here’s a secret: by adding those small social media widgets you’re doing more a favor to yourself than your customers. While they may simply like or share your content, you will get more users and so more sales!

Doing It Yourself

If you’re a businessman turned web designer, good for you! Otherwise, there’s no reason not to invest in a professional web design service. Of course, you don’t have to go to an expensive agency that probably deals with large organizations, and in terms of ROI for a small business that may even be a bad idea. However, in the cut-throat competitive web design industry that we have today, it’s not too difficult to find a service that provides you with a professional design without blowing your budget.

Not Updating Content

There’s nothing more confusing than an amazingly designed website with a stale content. You may have designed the best website, but just leave it there and let it be! A running business should always have latest information and updates. If you don’t have that, your customers may assume that your stuff is old or that you’re not a flourishing business. Make sure you keep your content fresh for both the sake of your “first impression” and search engine ranking.


It goes without saying that the best designs are those that keep the users’ needs in mind. Avoid the mistakes mentioned and keep your ideal customer in mind and you shouldn’t have a problem!