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100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Design Concepts For As Low As AED 124.99

What a friendly and amazing service! Hiring Logo Gulf for the design and branding job is the most productive decision we made and we are happy about it.

The main feature of this service that wins our heart and mind is not only its flexible packages but also its dedication to work that their work clearly reflects.

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How to Handle Criticism as a Freelancer

Criticism - You can either learn from or run from it. As a freelancer, you should expect criticism from your clients . Believe it or not, every freelancer has to face criticism at some point and time of their career. Yes, that includes even some of the best of us who aren’t too far from making six figures and having a line of clients waiting for them to take on their projects. Given that this is a natural part of the developmental phase as a freelancer, it’s crucial to know how to deal with it and maintain the same level of enthusiasm we had when we started. So here’s a little advice

Top Hybrid Mobile App UI Frameworks

Creating a hybrid mobile app is not possible without a native container or a framework. Here is a list of frameworks that are popular in hybrid mobile app development. A feature-rich mobile app framework is a gold mine for developers. When it comes to mobile app development, we usually have two options. We can either build a native app that uses programming language that is native to the platform it being developed for, like Java for Android apps. Or we can build a hybrid app. A hybrid app easier to develop since it uses HTML, CSS and Javascript to develop a web app that runs on nat

Essential Cheat Sheets for Web Designers and Developers

Their are a lot of ways you can speed up your web development process and using cheat sheets is one of the most efficient way. Here are some of the essential cheat sheets of web designers and developers. No matter how much experience you already have in web design, there are still going to be some languages, frameworks, and shortcuts you’ll need to “look up”. Instead of constantly searching on Google or asking on StackOverflow, there is a more effective and efficient way to go about it. Or perhaps, you’re still new to the field of web design, and you’re interested in finding

Photoshop vs Illustrator – What’s the Difference?

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator both exists to serve different purposes. Here we try to clear up the confusion. If you already know how to work your way through Adobe Photoshop, chances are you probably already have a good grip on Adobe Illustrator as well. Both tools are part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which encompasses a large range of products for artists and designers. While Adobe Photoshop has always been the go-to tool for photographers, Adobe Illustrator has mostly been used for creating vectors graphics and type sets. Despite this, new features in both the tools have allowed des

Learn Complete Sketch 3 With These Tutorials

Here is a list of some best resources where you can easily learn Sketch 3, from beginner to advance level. Sketch 3 is quickly gaining popularity for being one of the best, quick, and easy tools to use for web and UI designs. The latest version (v3) has been released, and it’s nothing short of amazing. Bohemian Coding, the creators or Sketch, market this tool by pointing out how it’s a fully vector-based workflow (which is crucial for modern designs to be scalable and adaptable) and highly flexible. With unique features like multiple pages, art boards, symbols, and shared styles, Sketch

Web Typography Trends in 2015

Here are some of the trending and most used web typography styles of 2015. Currently it seems that the only trend in typography is the overuse of simplistic fonts that are meant to be “functional”. I’m not an anti-serif or anti sans-serif person, but I do believe that there is a lot more going on with typography than just the functional fonts—and fortunately so. Creatives, typography enthusiasts, and artists of all type, rest assured that there’s more to modern typography than what we see as “body text” on websites!  In fact, here’s our very own list of the latest tre

How To Find Freelance Graphic Design Work

Contrary to popular belief, freelancing is not easy at all. Among many other tasks involved in freelancing, finding work is the most difficult one. We’ll agree that freelancing is no easy way to “do business”, but with faith and passion in your design field, you wouldn’t mind exploring new ways to keep practicing what you love in exchange for money. Quote, unquote, “in exchange for the money” and we have the next problem. How do we keep getting high-paying projects that are worth the time and effort we spend on them? Although freelancing is full of gigs that deal with the cre

11 Best Free Line Icon Packs

Line icons are perfect for today’s responsive web and app designs. These became even more popular after iOS 7 was released. Since everyone is well accustomed to these icon sorts now, all you need is a little line icon to replace a few words in your UI. The line icon trend doesn’t seem to dulling down anytime soon as long as the “mobile-friendly” trend is still out (and we’re guessing that won’t be going away anytime soon either). With that in mind, and without further ado, let’s take you through a list of 10 best free and fabulous line icon packs—yes totally free! Simple

7 Tips to Optimize Mobile User Experience

With increasing number of people using mobile devices to browse websites, it has become a necessity to optimize UX on mobile devices as well. Here are some practical tips you may follow for that. Did you know that websites are now being penalized for not being mobile friendly? If not, you’re lagging a bit behind, because that’s what mighty Google has in store for contemporary designers. Now, you’re not aiming for “mobile friendliness” just to capture those on-the-go customers—you’re doing it also because you want to avoid plummeting down the list when it comes to search en

How to Create a Minimal Web Design

Minimal web design is not something new anymore. But still some designers are not sure how to approach it. So, here are some practical tips to creating a minimal web design. Sometimes I think that minimal web design will never get old. But that could just be due to the facts that minimal web design fits the needs of all web users and it is totally awesome! Okay, I don’t mean to sound biased—but there’s no denying that the minimalist approach has cardinal value. With less clutter on pages, a love for negative space, and focus on relevant content, we have transformed web design into som