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10 Most Popular Fonts of 2015

popular fonts

For designers, typography holds as much significance as any other visual element. Appealing fonts not only increases readability of viewers but also lends credibility to a design. A font needs to be a combination of aesthetics and practicality. It should translate spirit of a text and enhance readability at the same time. So, if you goof up with selection of a typeface, you indirectly cut down on a major chunk of visitors.

In 2015, we saw some popular font styles that rocked web design industry. Let’s check them in this list:



The king of all typefaces, Futura was developed in 1927 by German designer Paul Renner. Even after 89 of its release, it remained the most ubiquitous typeface in print industry and it still continues to rule the roost.Though it inspired many of its look-alike typefaces but none of them could get the hype it did. Interestingly, Futura manages to gain the same reputation in web design industry. For its geometric design and higher usability, it is a favorite of majority of designers.

Brandon Grotesque

brandon grotesque

Created in 2010 by German designer Hannes von Döhren, Brandon Grotesque draws its artistic inclination from Erbar of 1920s. Much of its success owes to its geostatic shapes that give text a clarity.  Currently, it is one of most widely-used font styles which also make it a little clichéd in web design industry. But it does not make it popularity any less as it remains among the hottest typefaces for designers even in the running year.



After “Akkurat”, Laurenz Brunner comes up with Circular which comes out as a better experiment than his previous creation. However, it only got into lime light of design world when Spotify used the typeface for its website. The rebranding of Spotify made this font style a rapid exposure and it became one of the widely-used font styles of 2015. The USP of this is its use of both geometric and humanist characteristics that make it more balanced and relatable to the audience.



Panton is a creative work of Font Fabric and it belongs to sans serif family of fonts.The Panton uses a mix of various geometric shapes and what you get as a result is a sophisticated font design. The typeface has a liking in both print and web industry for its geometric design and optimum kerning which result in higher legibility. Panton is particularly used in headlines, logos, T-shirts and posters.



Laura Worthington brings the best out of her calligraphic skills with this beautiful typeface. This aesthetic font design is a fantastic reflection of Round hand script that gives this typeface its true character. It uses caps and small caps along with a number of cues to give it a more casual look. The handwriting style of this font style makes it appear more humanist to the eyes.



This typeface embodies mastery of calligraphy with creative precision. Yani Arabena subtly makes use of pointed brush to create a font design that aptly justified with its name. Used for inspirational quotes and one-liners, this typeface design utilizes method of script and caps to infuse rhythm. Quotes create the right impact by adding alternates and ligatures to give right spirit to a message.



A brainchild of Latinotype, Chile’s popular group of design artists, Revista speaks for its true class. This typeface gives a calligraphic touch to your font design. Intended to be used by fashion magazines, Revista also comes in script type and has over 20 different weights along with various ligatures and alternates to carve out its precision in design. Revista is known for its versatility as it combines range of font styles into a single family.



Avenir is a creation of designer Adrian Frutiger (late) who developed this typeface in 1988. Similar to its name which means future in French, Avenir bears much resemblance to Futura. The only thing that it does not share with Futura is that it is not completely geometric in nature which can be seen in shapes of “T” and “O”. For its increased legibility, it is one of the widely-used typefaces for headlines and text.



Designed by Jan Fromm, Rooney is another popular member of serif family. Used particularly for creating large headlines, this font style belongs to popular list of fonts from the previous year. It uses rounded font shapes along with traditional sans-serif to give a warm look. As a blended typeface, it looks both stylish and practical.



Sabrina M. Lopez takes inspiration from coffee-making to create Blend. She also draws imageries of bakery to give it more variety. For designers, she offers a collection of 21 styles to choose from and make their own blend. Among them, the popular elements include bouncing informal script, dingbats ornaments and a set of various cues representing bakery items.

All of the above-mentioned fonts make our list of popular fonts of 2015. The interesting thing about these font styles is that they all have both geometric and humanist touches. Hope, you find them good enough to use in your project in 2016.