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100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Design Concepts For As Low As AED 124.99

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Websites to Find Free Bootstrap Themes

free bootstrap themes

Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS framework that is used by majority of responsive websites. It is popular among front-end developers because of its extensive and easy to understand documentations and easy to remember components.

Bootstrap is a brainchild of Twitter developers, who launched it in August, 2011. It made creating a responsive website a breeze by providing classes for responsive grids, buttons, images, font icons, navigation and many more. It is a complete package of creating a responsive layout using pure CSS. It also comes with its own Javascript, which provides additional interactivity to a Bootstrap website.

For users, this framework provides them with a website that is optimized for their device, whether a mobile or HDTV. For front-end developer, it has saved them a lot of time by ridding the need of creating custom grids and classes for other elements.

Bootstrap 3

bootstrap 3

The current version of Bootstrap 3 uses Less as a CSS pre-processor and mobile first approach to web designing. Mobile first approach was introduced in Bootstrap 3, it allows developers to create a website primarily for a mobile device and add breakpoints as the viewport increases in size. This allows developers to ensure that a website looks good on all screen sizes.

Bootstrap 4

bootstrap 4

The next version of Bootstrap will introduce Sass as a CSS pre-processor, improved grid system, support for flexbox (which is a really exciting new CSS feature), custom form controls and many more. The highlighting features of this version is the use of Sass instead of Less and flexbox. Sass has been the favorite pre-processor for many developers, include me. Flexbox is a new CSS layout mode that allows for flexible and efficient arrangements of elements.

Free Bootstrap Themes

If you are one of those developers who do not have enough time to build a small website from scratch, the design industry has something perfect just for you. There are a lot of websites and developers who are offering free Bootstrap themes that are completely customizable. Using a theme to create a website is not advisable, but sometimes you need free resource to get the project done on time.

For these developers, these useful resources serve in more than one. First, it saves them from hours of work that include coding, installation and optimization. Secondly, they are able to get a ready-made design theme includes everything to fulfill the needs of their users, for example order forms, buttons and controls etc.

Shape Bootstrap

shape bootstrap

One of the largest resources to find Bootstrap templates, Shape Boot Strap offers 100+ different Bootstrap themes to choose from. The website is the best source to get HTML5-based design themes. Shape Boot Strap hosts a community of over 90,000 users who turn to this platform to download free Bootstrap themes.

Start Bootstrap

start bootstrap

For developers searching for free Bootstrap 3 themes, Start Boot Strap offers a library of 50+ customizable templates that can easily be downloaded from the website.The website offers variety of templates for personal and commercial websites.

Bootstrap Zero

bootstrap zero

Bootstrap Zero is yet another rich resource that offers customized themes for Bootstrap 3 & Bootstrap 4. This source offers variety of free 100+responsive design themes to create a dynamic website.The website groups these templates in terms of themes and popularity.

Black Tie

black tie

Choose Black Tie to get the most versatile free Bootstrap templates. Whether you are looking for a landing page design or dashboard theme, Black Tie has templates for all your needs.The website has themes available for two of the most popular CMSs, Drupal and WordPress. On Black Tie, you can easily download from hundreds of different custom-based Bootstrap design templates that do not require any fee.


boots watch

Boots watch is another resourceful platform to download free Bootstrap templates. The website offers an easy-to-install interface to download over 50+ Bootstrap themes. Boots Watch has some very incredible design themes that you can easily tweak for your project.

Theme Wagon

theme wagon

Theme Wagon is a large podium to get tons of cool free responsive Bootstrap design templates and themes. At Theme Wagon, you can tap into large pool of templates to create HTML5-based and mobile-friendly websites. Theme Wagon offers free Bootstrap resources for various industries ranging from Travel and Healthcare to IT and food.

Bootstrap Taste

bootstrap taste

Want to get a free Bootstrap theme that can fit your business? Then download from Bootstrap Taste. This resourceful platform has Bootstrap templates primarily for WordPress CMS. Though, the website has very limited themes (up to 50 free templates)to offer to the audience, they are amazingly fantastic to get for your next project.



If you are in search of fully responsive Bootstrap themes with cross-browser compatibility, then you must visit this website. Bootstrapious has a total of 10 free and premium Bootstrap themes but that does not make it any lesser a resource as it has the best free Bootstrap themes for e-commerce websites.