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Category Archives: Web Design

How Small Businesses Can Increase Sales By Avoiding These Web Design Mistakes

Small business websites often don't follow the best practices of web design. This greatly affects their sales. Here is how small businesses can increase their sales by avoiding some common mistakes. Your small business website is like a retail store where most of the visitors come with the intention of purchasing something. Many small business owners ignore the fact that the design of a website is a major contributor to sales or conversion. And so it can also become the biggest barrier between a prospective customer and sales? It may seem hard to pack so much into just a simple web design

Understanding Full Stack Designer

Combine UI design, UX and front-end and what you get is a full stack designer. Let's get to the depth of what is meant by full stack designer. We’re not sure if you’ve heard the phrase “full-stack designer” before, but if you’re already someone in the field of web design, you should be all ears whenever it pops up. In the past, it was quiet common to take on the traditional role of a designer with sketchbooks and concepts in mind and forget about whatever it took to actually implement the idea. These days, however, the game has changed. A lot of designers are signing up for what

Essential Cheat Sheets for Web Designers and Developers

Their are a lot of ways you can speed up your web development process and using cheat sheets is one of the most efficient way. Here are some of the essential cheat sheets of web designers and developers. No matter how much experience you already have in web design, there are still going to be some languages, frameworks, and shortcuts you’ll need to “look up”. Instead of constantly searching on Google or asking on StackOverflow, there is a more effective and efficient way to go about it. Or perhaps, you’re still new to the field of web design, and you’re interested in finding

How to Create a Minimal Web Design

Minimal web design is not something new anymore. But still some designers are not sure how to approach it. So, here are some practical tips to creating a minimal web design. Sometimes I think that minimal web design will never get old. But that could just be due to the facts that minimal web design fits the needs of all web users and it is totally awesome! Okay, I don’t mean to sound biased—but there’s no denying that the minimalist approach has cardinal value. With less clutter on pages, a love for negative space, and focus on relevant content, we have transformed web design into som

5 Principles of Beautiful and Effective Web Design

Web design is partly an art and like any other art it also has a set of principles. Here are some of the well-known and essential principles of beautiful and effective web design. If you’ve developed a website with the mindset that you’ll “convert” because you have an idea that will sell well no matter what your website looks like, you’re missing a crucial point. In order to “covert” your website has to be more than just a conversion tool. It has to look great and work great, leaving a strong and solid impression on the minds of visitors. Only then will they come again and be

7 Tips To Design A Converting Landing Page

Developing a successful landing page is easier said than done. Grabbing and maintaining the attention of potential customers is more challenging than ever before. Online readers are prone to thumbing through content to spot what they find useful. If you fail to convince your audience, they will bounce back immediately. According to HubSpot, “55% of viewers spend less than 15 seconds on your website”. You better be quick to make a point! You don’t want visitors to simply “land” on your homepages and leave thinking it was never worth visiting. Here are seven tips on designing a win

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2015

Let us present you, our hand-picked collection of WP plugins for 2015 that all WP users must have on their blog. A WordPress website is rarely complete without a few plugins to add more zing to it. WordPress users are always adding new plugins to make things easier for webmasters and offer better surfing experience to users of a website. With the growing need for mobile-friendly websites and apps, the plugin developers have shifted their focus to improving functionality of their plugins on mobile devices as well. We have hand-picked 2015’s best and most popular plugins yet. They cover a

15 Beautiful Infinite Scrolling WordPress themes

Infinite scrolling in website is a huge trend today. Catch up with the latest trend by using these beautiful wordpress themes with infinite scrolling feature. Have a love for WordPress? So do we! WordPress is one the most popular FOSB (free and open source blogging) platform and a CMS (content management system). One of the primary reasons why wordpress is so popular is its huge library of themes and plugins that allow webmasters to enhance their website’s user experience in no time. The use of single page website or infinite scrolling is one of the most popular web design trends of to

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16 SASS Tools and Resources

SASS is an extension to CSS that adds more elements and features to the traditional CSS. To make web development on SASS efficient, we have collected some helpful sass tools and resources. Over the last 7 years, since it was developed, SASS has proved to be Syntactically Awesome-- just like the name! It has successfully filled in the gaps which were present in CSS and left critics baffled about the success of CSS. Other than being a more “stable version” of the CSS extension language, SASS has proved itself to be a fantastic collection of tools that work to improve CSS authoring. Here

Understanding The Google Material Design

Material Design is a design language created by Google. It was first revealed in Google I/O 2014 along with the new Android L OS. Here we have discussed what material design is, what elements are involved, and how it is different from tradition designs. The flat design was 2014’s most popular web design technique that all tech-gurus were suddenly embracing with the snap of a finger. It was actually pretty amusing to see how many websites and logos were changing with the new trend that Microsoft initiated (with their Metro UI). Last November, when Google rolled its latest version of Andro