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100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Design Concepts For As Low As AED 124.99

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Category Archives: Graphic Design

Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

Anyone can make mistakes, even an experienced graphic designer. However, some mistakes are so common, you have to be aware of it. Being nit-picky isn’t uncommon in the field of graphic design. In fact, experienced designers find it hard to do away with their habit to pay attention to the detail. After all, designs can be very detail-oriented and even the slightest of mistakes can be costly! Too many designers have to learn graphic designing the hard way and are asked to “correct” their mistake once it had been made. Some others are not even given a second chance. However, smart des

Photoshop vs Illustrator – What’s the Difference?

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator both exists to serve different purposes. Here we try to clear up the confusion. If you already know how to work your way through Adobe Photoshop, chances are you probably already have a good grip on Adobe Illustrator as well. Both tools are part of Adobe Creative Cloud, which encompasses a large range of products for artists and designers. While Adobe Photoshop has always been the go-to tool for photographers, Adobe Illustrator has mostly been used for creating vectors graphics and type sets. Despite this, new features in both the tools have allowed des

Most Basic Elements of Graphic Design

Even the most complex works of graphic design have things in common with other design works. We call them, the basic of elements of graphic design. If you’re new to the world of graphics, you’re probably still learning new terminologies, principles, components, or other basic stuff. Most graphic designers “in-the-making” start by first learning what makes up graphic design. The physical make-up of graphic design, also known as elements of graphic design, is something you’ll see in almost any or every graphical work. Without these basic “elements” you won’t have a comp

7 Tips To Design a Business Card

A business card is as much part of corporate identity as a logo design. This is more of a reason why you need an impressive business card design. Here are some tips to designing a business card. What is small, rectangular and a potential link between your lead and you? If you said a business card, you got it right! For some reason, a company business card is often an underrated part of corporate identity designing. Sure logos are crucial to corporate identity, but what about little piece of card-paper you handed over to your potential clients? Think of it this way, a business card cr

Guide For Designing A Book Cover Art

A book's cover is the first thing that attracts a potential reader. Therefore, designing a cover is an important task. Here are some tips on how you can design an attractive book cover art. No matter how many times we hear the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” we still tend to do so. It is a wonder what attracts us to beauty like no other quality. Scientists have gone so far as to prove that humans instinctively prefer symmetry to non-symmetrical shapes, figures, or faces. Other scientists argue that beauty comes before symmetry and the definition of beauty varies among di

6 Essential Points to Keep in Mind While Designing a Logo

While designing a logo, keep in mind that it is about more than just graphics and looks. Similarly, there are few other things to keep in mind as well. A logo is a graphical symbol that represents a company or brand, cliché but true. You may see logos everyday and think, “Okay, cool, so it’s just an abstract form of art”. However, in reality, a LOT of thoughts and meticulous designing strategies are put into practice to design a logo. Passing it off as just a “piece of abstract art” is under-appreciating its purpose. If you are a starter preoccupied with your first few logo des

Useful iPad Apps For Designers

The standard desktop applications should suffice for your next design project. However, what about when you’re looking for an on-the-go application that you can use on a versatile device? No, I’m not talking about the Pixelmator, Instagram, Draw, or other simple photo editing or basic drawing applications. I’m talking about highly sophisticated tools made especially for designers. The iPad is one of many amazing gadgets of Apple Inc., and it is quite successful in going beyond the typical small-device capabilities. For this reason, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that some iPad a

10 Tips to Designing Infographics That is Stunning and Engaging

Infographic, as it implies, is the presentation of information (data+facts) using graphical elements. Let’s see some tips to designing an infographic that is appealing and consumable. “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder…” True, but only when something is in fact beautiful itself. After all, you can’t say an ugly looking piranha beautiful, just because you’re a piranha lover. Regardless, if you can’t find beauty in something, you can simply bestow it upon one. Take for instance, Data or Information. You must have heard it a dozens of time that data can be productive or u