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100% Money Back Guarantee

Get Design Concepts For As Low As AED 124.99

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10 Most Popular Fonts of 2015

For designers, typography holds as much significance as any other visual element. Appealing fonts not only increases readability of viewers but also lends credibility to a design. A font needs to be a combination of aesthetics and practicality. It should translate spirit of a text and enhance readability at the same time. So, if you goof up with selection of a typeface, you indirectly cut down on a major chunk of visitors. In 2015, we saw some popular font styles that rocked web design industry. Let’s check them in this list: Futura The king of all typefaces, Futura was developed in

Websites to Find Free Bootstrap Themes

Bootstrap is one of the most popular CSS framework that is used by majority of responsive websites. It is popular among front-end developers because of its extensive and easy to understand documentations and easy to remember components. Bootstrap is a brainchild of Twitter developers, who launched it in August, 2011. It made creating a responsive website a breeze by providing classes for responsive grids, buttons, images, font icons, navigation and many more. It is a complete package of creating a responsive layout using pure CSS. It also comes with its own Javascript, which provides additi

How Small Businesses Can Increase Sales By Avoiding These Web Design Mistakes

Small business websites often don't follow the best practices of web design. This greatly affects their sales. Here is how small businesses can increase their sales by avoiding some common mistakes. Your small business website is like a retail store where most of the visitors come with the intention of purchasing something. Many small business owners ignore the fact that the design of a website is a major contributor to sales or conversion. And so it can also become the biggest barrier between a prospective customer and sales? It may seem hard to pack so much into just a simple web design

A Guide For Designers To Start Freelancing

Do you planning on starting your own work as a freelancer? This something many daydream about, but don’t do anything to make it real. If you really want to start freelancing, you must have a ‘can do’ attitude. You must be self-motivated, hustling and bustling for clients, and capable of wearing difference hats. Successful freelancers manage to do everything without anyone probing them to get their work done. It’s tougher than it sounds and that’s exactly why so many people prefer to remain in the fantasy realm when it comes to freelancing instead of quitting everything to hit bed

What To Know About Native, Web and Hybrid Mobile Apps

Knowing your options in mobile app development can save you a lot of time, effort and money. Here is what you must know native, web and hybrid mobile apps. New developers and small business owners have trouble differentiating between the options they have when it comes to mobile app development, which is obvious because the difference lies in the technology used to develop it. When developing a mobile app, you have three choices with each having its own pros and cons. Therefore, there’s no perfect choice here. What’s best for a specific type of app may have a lot to do with the

Understanding Full Stack Designer

Combine UI design, UX and front-end and what you get is a full stack designer. Let's get to the depth of what is meant by full stack designer. We’re not sure if you’ve heard the phrase “full-stack designer” before, but if you’re already someone in the field of web design, you should be all ears whenever it pops up. In the past, it was quiet common to take on the traditional role of a designer with sketchbooks and concepts in mind and forget about whatever it took to actually implement the idea. These days, however, the game has changed. A lot of designers are signing up for what

Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

Anyone can make mistakes, even an experienced graphic designer. However, some mistakes are so common, you have to be aware of it. Being nit-picky isn’t uncommon in the field of graphic design. In fact, experienced designers find it hard to do away with their habit to pay attention to the detail. After all, designs can be very detail-oriented and even the slightest of mistakes can be costly! Too many designers have to learn graphic designing the hard way and are asked to “correct” their mistake once it had been made. Some others are not even given a second chance. However, smart des

Learn Complete Sass from Basics to Advanced

Sass has made writing CSS fun, easy and organized for developers. If you haven't learned Sass yet, then now is the good to start. Everyone’s crazy about CSS preprocessors these days and it’s no wonder they’re finding ways to get a hold of Sass skills as well. If you’re not already familiar with Sass (literally known as Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets!), it is the most popular preprocessor of CSS that adds more features to CSS. So, if you’re looking forward to improving your CSS authoring and organization, Sass know-how is a must-add to your front-end arsenal. However, if you

Popular Web Font Services Available Today

Gone are the days we were limited to using Verdana or Arial for our web pages! Now, we have all sorts of varieties available to use on our web pages, thanks to the web font services. There was a time when web designers didn’t have much choice when it comes to web typography. They could only use default fonts of a system (web safe fonts) like Arial, Times New Roman, etc. However, with the advancement in web technologies came the CSS3 that presented us with a quick and easy solution to our web font dilemmas. Thanks to CSS3 feature @font-face we could now link to a custom font, which was ho

15 Free WordPress Themes Of 2015

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs with the most downloaded themes. Here is a list of best free WordPress themes of 2015. Every year we have a fresh new batch of beautiful WordPress themes available to download for our contemporary projects. Thanks to the awesome-ness of this CMS, we have plenty to choose from! In fact, it has been reported that the number of themes offered for WordPress seems to increase every year owing to the popularity of the platform—and of course, the number of downloads. Clearly, more people demanding themes necessitate greater variety! This is great, be